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Laura Goodison Blooming Lovely Jewellery Owner
"My own pregnancies and growing family helped me realise just how precious this jewellery really is; not only beautiful necklaces for us to enjoy with our baby’s, but jewels to be truly treasured and passed downed through generations."
Laura, Mama + Founder
Blooming Lovely Jewellery

Where it all began...

I’m Laura, mommy to two girls and creator of Blooming Lovely Jewellery. I started this little business back in 2011 following maternity leave with my first baby. I’d fallen in love with the story of the Mexican Bola necklace but struggled to find them here in the UK. I was so taken with the pregnancy tradition I really wanted to share it and eventually sourced my first pendant from a traditional maker overseas and still use the same supplier today.

Creating my own collection of sterling silver pendants was always my ambition and after years of development, working with UK based designers and makers (oh, and another baby!) I finally launched my own sterling silver collection in 2017.

I’m thrilled with how the collection has been recieved and incredibly grateful for the love and support of the amazing mamas and their precious baby’s who enjoy these special jewels.

Hope you love them too!

Hallmark fine mexican bola or harmonay ball by Blooming Lovely Jewellery

About the collections...

Traditionally worn by expectant mothers during pregnancy Mexican Bola chime pendants are worn low, resting against the bump so that any movement means baby hears the gentle ringing sounds. Once born the same chimes will be a reassuring and familiar sound to baby, reminding them of the security of the womb. A simple idea really which goes back hundreds of years, but one that’s still cherished by mothers today. To discover more about the tradition of the Mexican bola and harmony ball, please click here.

Sourced overseas from traditional harmony ball makers, the silver plated collection of Mexican Bola pendants were the fledgling jewellery collection back in 2011. Still working with the same producers today, these chime pendants are crafted in brass before being plated in silver. Available in a range of designs and accompanying accessories the silver plated collection is perfect for gifting or as special little something for baby and you to share.

Working with UK designers and makers, the sterling silver collection interprets the tradition of the chiming pendant whilst exploring designs that resonate with modern motherhood. Completely unique to Blooming Lovely Jewellery, this is the only collection of sterling silver Mexican Bola jewellery in the world to be designed, hand-crafted and hallmarked in the UK. Pendants from this very special collection are true heirloom jewels to be cherished and worn over baby bumps for generations.

Unlike most other Mexican Bola pendants widely available (which are made from a brass base before being silver plated) the sterling silver collection is crafted from just beautiful, fine sterling silver – no brass base, here! This gives a beautiful feel and weight to the pendants and also allows for some gorgeously finished engraving options that won’t reveal any brass below. If you would like to explore personalising your jewellery, then please do get contact to hear about the special options available.

- Our pregnancy necklaces -

A luxury range of Mexican Bola pendants inspired by the blossoming

journey of motherhood. Each piece mindfully designed,

hand-crafted and hallmarked in the UK.

Sterling silver pregnancy necklace
Sterling silver pregnancy necklace
'mama to bee' sterling silver pregnancy necklace
Blossom sterling silver pregnancy necklace