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"The presentation of the necklace was perfect - very personal and very modern - just what I wanted!"

"My friend was so happy, she had never heard of a bola and said she has been wearing it all the time, thanks!"

"I think the story behind the jewellery is lovely - a really special gift for expectant Mothers - my friend was overjoyed when I presented her with it"

"I LOVE my harmony ball pendant, the sound is beautiful and the long silver chain I wear it with sits lovely over my bump, thank you!"

Reviews & press

“Whether you’re expecting and want to bond with your baby, or are thinking of a special present for a friend’s baby shower, these necklaces are gorgeous” Mother & Baby Magazine

“These maternity necklaces still have a place in contemporary society – the perfect example of an age-old talisman that is still perfectly suited to modern day motherhood.” Baby London Magazine

“This would make for a perfect special gift for an expectant mother, something she can always keep and look back on” Mama Reid Writes

"I loved it and immediately started wearing it. I was curious as to how loud the chimes would be but they really are very gentle- I find them quite relaxing myself!" Hello Little Lovely

"I've worn it every day since it arrived and I find the chiming works wonders to soothe and relax me." Tattooed Tealady

"I’m enchanted by this necklace; from the way it looks, to the personalised packaging it came in, and of course the meaning behind it. And it’s so pretty, it’s not one you’d want to stop wearing when you have the baby." www.ababyonboard.com

"Claire, who is due in September, loves her new pendant and has vowed to wear it everyday. Elegant and stylish, with long silver chain, it goes with everything." Mumzynot.com

"Despite being designed for pregnancy, this pendant has longevity. I love wearing it, and my 3-year-old daughter was immediately taken with it, holding it and enjoying the soft tinkle. This Bola is a very simple silver-plated pendant on thin cord, which can be adjusted to the length you wish to wear it." Juno Magazine

Giovanna Fletcher Pregnancy

Author Giovanna Fletcher shares a photo of her Simple Silver Bola Necklace.

Natasha Hamilton Pregnancy

Natasha Hamilton looking blooming lovely, spotted wearing our Pretty Silver Bola Necklace

Frankie Bridge Pregnancy

Gorgeous singer and mum of two, Frankie Bridge, spotted wearing our Silver Pebble Bola Necklace