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Handmade and Hallmarked fine mexican bola or harmonay ball by Blooming Lovely Jewellery
Traditionally worn by expectant mothers during pregnancy our chime pendants are worn low, resting against the bump so that any movement means baby hears the gentle ringing sounds.
Once born the same chimes are said to be a reassuring and familiar sound to baby.

About the tradition...

A universal form of adornment, the tradition of wearing jewellery dates back to ancient times when its earliest role was to invoke good spirits or to protect the wearer in the form of an amulet.

Today we still embrace the traditions, sentiments and meaning of the jewellery we choose to wear and gift to our loved ones - particularly those jewels we fastidiously pick out to mark or celebrate special occasions.

The Mexican Bola pregnancy necklace, also known as a ‘harmony ball or ‘angel caller’, is a traditional chiming pendant steeped in hundreds of years of Mayan history. The spherical pendant, formed with a small ball inside, produces a beautifully subtle but audible chime when shaken. Once born the same chimes are said to be a reassuring and familiar sound to baby, reminding them of the security of the womb.

Blooming Lovely Jewellery pregnancy necklaces pendants are handmade and finished, each one emitting their own unique sound. This is not only soothing for baby but also, and very importantly, provides calming benefits for mothers-to be with the chimes giving a gentle reminder to slow down and find the space in that moment for her and baby.

Also known and celebrated as an ‘angel caller’ in some cultures, the subtle chiming sounds of the pendant are said to act as a reminder for our guardian angel to watch over us, and in a moment of need the chime can be gently shaken and our guardian angel will come to our side.

With such incredibly special sentiment and meaning it’s easy to understand how such jewels become traditions, engrained in our cultures and passed on through generations.

Waht is a Hallmark fine mexican bola or harmony ball by Blooming Lovely Jewellery

"These maternity necklaces still have a place in contemporary society - the perfect example of an age-old talisman that is still perfectly suited to modern day motherhood."

Baby London Magazine

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A luxury range of Mexican Bola pendants inspired by the blossoming

journey of motherhood. Each piece mindfully designed,

hand-crafted and hallmarked in the UK.

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