Unique + Precious

Beautiful designs created to celebrate pregnancy and motherhood, hand-crafted in Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold.

Handcrafted sterling silver mexican bola

Handmade in the UK

The only collection of Mexican Bola jewellery mindfully designed, hand-crafted and hallmarked in the UK.

Handmade and hallmarked mexican bola

Finishing Touches

Each necklace is beautifully presented with a special information card detailing the tradition of the Mexican Bola necklace.

Bespoke mexican bola packaging

About our pregnancy necklaces

Blooming Lovely Jewellery blossomed out of the beautiful tradition of the Mexican Bola – a chiming pendant also known as a ‘harmony ball’ or ‘angel caller’. Worn by expectant mothers during pregnancy the chime pendant is worn low, resting against the bump so that any movement means baby hears the gentle ringing sounds. Once born the same chimes will be a reassuring and familiar sound to baby, reminding them of the security of the womb. A simple idea really which goes back hundreds of years, but one that’s still cherished by mothers today.
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A beautiful keepsake

Our unique collection of jewellery is enjoyed by Mums-to-Be as bump blossoms, through to the arrival of baby and beyond. As a symbol of the bond between a mother and baby our Mexican Bola necklaces are a lovely keepsake to remind mothers of an incredibly special time. A timeless talisman, each necklace has been designed to be cherished and worn over baby bumps for generations. Hand-crafted in the UK, each piece arrives beautifully presented with a special information card, sharing the tradition of the chiming Mexican Bola necklace, making it the most wonderful gift for every mother to be.
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Our collection of silver plated Mexican Bola pendants are a wonderful alternative to our sterling silver editions. Crafted in brass before being plated with silver, these pendants are sourced overseas from traditional harmony ball makers. Available in a range of longer length necklaces including handmade silk cord and a sterling silver chain, there’s a style for every bump. Perfect for gifting or as special little something for baby and you to share, each necklace arrives presented in a gift pouch with an information card, detailing the tradition of the chiming Mexican Bola pendant.
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"Whether you’re expecting and want to bond with your baby, or are thinking of a special present for a friend’s baby shower, these necklaces are gorgeous"

Mother & Baby Magazine

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"These maternity necklaces still have a place in contemporary society – the perfect example of an age-old talisman that is still perfectly suited to modern day motherhood."

Baby London Magazine

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"This would make for a perfect special gift for an expectant mother, something she can always keep and look back on"

Mama Reid Writes

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"Despite being designed for pregnancy, this pendant has longevity. I love wearing it, and my 3-year-old daughter was immediately taken with it, holding it and enjoying the soft tinkle."

Juno Magazine

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"I’m enchanted by this necklace; from the way it looks, to the personalised packaging it came in, and of course the meaning behind it. And it’s so pretty, it’s not one you’d want to stop wearing when you have the baby."


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"Claire, who is due in September, loves her new pendant and has vowed to wear it everyday. Elegant and stylish, with long silver chain, it goes with everything."