Blooming Lovely Jewellery blossomed out of the beautiful tradition of the Mexican Bola – a chiming pendant also known as a ‘harmony ball’. Worn by expectant mothers during pregnancy the chime pendant is worn low, resting against the bump so that any movement means baby hears the gentle ringing sounds. Once born the same chimes will be a reassuring and familiar sound to baby, reminding them of the security of the womb.
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Our unique collection of jewellery is enjoyed by Mums-to-Be as bump blossoms, through to the arrival of baby and beyond. As a symbol of the bond between a mother and baby our Mexican Bola necklaces are a lovely keepsake to remind mothers of an incredibly special time. Each necklace is hand finished and unique in their sound, every piece arrives beautifully presented including a special card detailing the tradition of the chiming pendant.
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